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The Pasco Sheriff’s Office serves our 600,000+ citizens with dignity, pride and respect. We seek to hire those that wish to make a difference in their community through service to Pasco’s citizens.

Community Engagement

At PSO, our motto is “We Fight As One,” meaning we stand side-by-side with the community we serve to ensure Pasco County is a safer place for all. To achieve this, we partner with many businesses, groups and citizens to ensure needs are met. For instance, PSO sponsors free food distributions to address food insecurity in our community. Partners such as local car dealerships, restaurants and businesses proudly support PSO.

Robust Training

PSO continually trains to best serve our community. From physical fitness requirements to crisis intervention, we want our members to be prepared for anything they may encounter during the course of their job.

Regular training ensures PSO remains in compliance with state and federal requirements and that we are better prepared to serve our citizens, no matter what they’re facing.

Specialty trainings are offered frequently to further education and knowledge. PSO’s Florida’s Institute for Research, Security and Tactics hosts trainings from experts on a wide range of topics, often right at PSO facilities.


PSO is committed to serving our citizens in innovative ways. Traveling upstream with crime prevention through units and activities that address the heart of an issue within our community, such as the Behavioral Health Intervention Team, crisis intervention training, community events and more, help our community remain a safe place for all.

PSO was the first agency in the Tampa Bay Area and one of the first in Florida to implement body-worn cameras in 2015 for the safety of our members and those we serve. These cameras show the totality of a situation and are part of how PSO remains transparent.

PSO is also innovative in how we communicate with our citizens. We have a strong presence on social media and have a dedicated news website and app to connect with our citizens. We share breaking news and more on these platforms so citizens get news about what’s happening in their community straight from PSO.

Advancement and Specialty Opportunities

To be innovative in how we serve our community, PSO has many opportunities for specialty teams or units. Here are just a few examples:

  • In 2019, PSO was one of the first agencies in the Tampa Bay Area to implement a Behavioral Health Intervention Team to assist those in our community experiencing a variety of challenges, by helping connect them with community-based, accessible resources.
  • PSO’s Swift Water & Dive Recovery unit can assist in emergency situations, help investigators recover evidence and finds those that are missing.
  • PSO also has an expansive K-9 unit with a wide range of specialties, from patrol work to search and rescue to animal-assisted therapy.
  • The Missing and Abducted Child Team consists of many disciplines at PSO, including investigators, analysts, detectives and more to safely recover children.
  • Other specialty teams and units include SWAT, Drone Team, Hostage Negotiators and more.

Advancement opportunities are also available for qualified individuals.

Veterans Support

PSO is proud to be considered a Veterans Preferred Employer, as well as a Patriotic Employer by the Employers Support for the Guard and Reserve. PSO employs over 200 veterans in a variety of certified and professional roles. Additionally, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office has earned awards for our practice of hiring veterans and serving as a veteran-friendly workplace.

Many of our members still serve our nation proudly while employed at PSO.

Veteran’s preference is given to qualified applicants in accordance with section 295.07 of the Florida statutes. Preference-eligible applicants choosing to claim Veteran’s Preference, will be required to submit supporting documentation.


PSO was named the most diverse law enforcement agency by a local media outlet in 2020 and we continue to make diversity a priority in our hiring process.

We recruit to ensure our agency is reflective of our community, and that our members come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

As an equal opportunity employer, we offer employment opportunities regardless of race, color, gender, religion, pregnancy, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability or marital status.


Pasco County sits on Florida’s Gulf coast, just north of Tampa, and is part of a nine county region known as the “Nature Coast.” Though it encompasses 742 square miles, over 100 of that is managed recreational facilities such as parks, artificial reefs and canoe trails. Opportunities for outdoor and water activities such as biking, boating, fishing, kayaking, golfing and more are available throughout the county. Pasco County is one of the most rapidly growing counties in Florida.

For more information on PSO, visit us on social media and at our news site:

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The Pasco Sheriff`s Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We utilize E-Verify to verify employment eligibility in the United States.